Hello everyone. Welcome to smokystore.com. This new online music store is an evolution of my French Market Music Store which has been a popular destination in New Orleans since 1989. My very first product for sale was my Smoky’s Beginning Harmonica Course which included an instruction book, a play along cassette (later a CD) and a Hohner diatonic harmonica in the key of C. My products for sale steadily progressed to other makes and models of harmonicas. We also expanded to selling other musical instruments and accessories as well as a wide variety of harmonicas.

In 1992 I released my first of 12 CDs which was titled Smokin’. Of course we sold that at my French Market Music Store. This led to selling CD’s from other Louisiana artists to visitors hungry for local music.

I hope you enjoy our new online store which will be ever expanding and improving in the coming days.

Smoky Greenwell